How it all began...

As an engineer on civil construction sites, I have always been tracking costs and the performance of our projects. A lot of civil construction projects that I have been involved in have been self-performed - meaning that as a company we controlled the labour, equipment, and materials that get the job done. This makes tracking costs harder than if we were managing subcontractors because we need to be able to track where each person and piece of equipment is working every day. The best way to track these type of costs is to keep a daily log of site events that describe where each person has been working, what the plant and equipment have been doing, materials used and what has been achieved. This is all done on a construction site diary. 

75% of all companies I have surveyed still use a paper-based site diary system. This reflects my own experience as all but one company I have worked for have used a paper-based system. Paper-based systems aren't bad and the do work! They provide you with most of the data you need and are flexible enough that if you need to change something you can just scribble down some notes.

The main problem I faced was that over all these years the site supervisors would spend a lot of time writing up these daily site diaries and then I would spend even more time (and I mean a lot!) copying the same information into excel spreadsheets for analysis. This is fine if you have a small project BUT, once you have a fast-paced, reasonably large job, things start getting insane when you try to capture all of the costs!

How I wished there was an easier way to do this!

And that was when I started thinking that maybe there was.

Then along came CCIQ and BlueChilli. Together they had created the Collaborate Program and to start it off they issued their Small Business Challenge. Investment dollars were being offered if you had a good idea to help small businesses improve productivity.

In Feb 2016, SiteDiary made the top 20 and was given the chance to pitch to the judges. Sadly, we didn't win any investment from CCIQ but BlueChilli was keen to give SiteDiary a chance. 

And the rest, they say is history....